Mike Klidjian

Lieutenant “Jack” Browne, the boarding officer onboard HMS Diana, and his team are all that stand between a high value target and the opening of the first terrorist training camp on European soil.

Jack’s reputation as an expert in Maritime Warfare is hard earned and his team well trained, but how will they cope with the challenges of counter terrorism? And as the team get pulled into the world of espionage, is the beautiful Mia working with them or against them…

Addictively relentless, this book crams pace and action with the technical accuracy that only someone who has experienced modern warfare at sea can deliver.

About Mike

Mike served a fantastic 18 years in the Royal Navy and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His time at sea culminated as second in command of the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless during a busy Gulf deployment. From there he was selected for a prestigious high-profile role in the Ministry of Defence in London.

Mike retired from the Navy in October 2017 and now writes full time from the family home in Hampshire. When not writing or conducting parenting operations, Mike can be found running ultra-marathons, teaching his children to surf or fly fishing on the rivers Meon and Itchen.


“Jack Browne is instantly recognisable as an authentic naval hero for today’s dangerous world; but his initiative and daring would not have been out of place in Nelson’s navy. With highly accurate references to tradecraft and modern warfare, Mike Klidjian has captured the excitement of a career at sea in today’s Royal Navy.” 

– Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Mike Boyce