by Peter Vollmer

‘Per Fine Ounce’ is inspired by the revered South African author, Geoffrey Jenkins’ mythic ‘lost’ James Bond continuation novel manuscript, who was a friend of Ian Fleming.

With permission from the Jenkins Estate to use the title and main character name, Peter’s novel continues in the adventures of Commander Geoffrey Peace, an ex-Submarine commander seconded to MI6 and sent undercover to South Africa to check on an ultra-right-wing Afrikaner group who are active in gold-mining and thought to have a gold bullion shipment en route to Britain.

This group have acquired nuclear weapons before those in the South African arsenal were dismantled. MI6 have reason to believe that these weapons have been secreted away in a mine in the desert.

This is Peter’s 6th novel and the first in a trilogy of Commander Geoffrey Peace novels.

Published by Lume Books

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About Peter

Peter was born in Johannesburg, educated in Namibia and France, and now resides in Cape Town with his wife. His writing began during the Angolan Bush War when he and his friends would fly far into the desert in the Kaokoveld on hunting trips. He was involved in assisting then Rhodesia when it declared UDI and assisted in breaking the embargo set by the United Nations. He is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans.


“Vollmer is able to vividly sketch terrains and characters he knows from first-hand experience and he’s no slouch pushing forward a dramatic and suspenseful story. Vollmer is just as good as Geoffrey Jenkins when it comes to well-drawn action scenes.”

— Dr. Wesley Britton, author of ‘The Encyclopaedia of TV Spies’