Deal News: Xue Yiwei’s HILARY, MIWA & I to Dundurn Press

Dundurn Press in Toronto Canada snapped up World English rights to Xue Yiwei’s HILARY, MIWA & I.

Beside the frozen lake on the top of the Royal Mountain in a deep Montreal winter, Hilary, a Canadian woman, Miwa, a Japanese woman, and “I”, a Chinese man come across each other. A triangle, rooted in Chinese history and international conflict is formed and it elaborates on the globalization of the past decades that has not only changed the way of human life, but also humanity itself.

Xue Yiwei

Yiwei has been hailed as “a maverick in contemporary Chinese literature” by Ha Jin, winner of the National Book Award and the author of four novels, five collections of short stories, where two collections have been translated into English as well as his novel DR. BETHUNE’S CHILDREN – banned in China. His short story collection SHENZHENERS was dubbed The Dubliners of modern China. He has lived in Montreal since 2002.

Founded in 1974, Dundurn Press is one of the largest Canadian-owned book publishing companies of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction.

Deal News: HONEY TRAPPED by Henry R. Schlesinger to The History Press & Rare Bird Books

Coauthor of THE SPY SITES OF NEW YORK CITY and SPYCRAFT: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CIA’S SPYTECHS FROM COMMUNISM TO AL-QAEDA Henry R. Schlesinger’s HONEY TRAPPED: SEX, BETRAYAL AND WEAPONIZED LOVE, examining some of the most famous honey traps, from Mata Hari to Anna Chapman and Maria Butina, but also “Romeo Spies” such as Roald Dahl and Dmitri Bystrolyotov.

If the so-called “honey trap” is a Hollywood cliche, it is also a tried and very true piece of tradecraft in the real-life world of spy versus spy and has been used by virtually every intelligence service from ancient times to the present day.

Deal News: BETWEEN FIVE EYES by Anthony R. Wells to Casemate Publishers

World English Rights have been sold to Casemate Publishers for BETWEEN FIVE EYES: FIFTY YEARS INSIDE THE FIVE EYES INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY by Anthony R. Wells.

From 1968 through to 2018, fifty years of change, turmoil, intense challenges, successes and failures, focusing on the relationship between the UK and the US and the wider Five Eyes community of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The work is based not only on official documents but the author’s own extensive unclassified collection of papers, personal notes, diaries, as well as his family library for source material.

It is also a personal insight into key relationships and how the abiding strength of the United States and the United Kingdom and its Five Eyes allies relationships.

Anthony is the only living person to have worked for British Intelligence as a British citizen and US Intelligence as a US citizen and was trained in the 1960s by the most distinguished exponents of deception and other clandestine operations from the World War Two period. His mentors included Professor Sir Harry Hinsley, the Bletchley Park code breaker and operations specialist. He was a specialist in the use of weapons of mass destruction by state and non-state players, information architectures and the use of innovative tools for countering terrorism and other forms of irregular warfare.

Due for publication August 31, 2020.

Deal News: North American Rights for IAN FLEMING’S WAR sold to Rare Bird Books

North American rights have been snapped up by Rare Bird Books in Los Angeles for an edition to coincide with the UK release in August.

Both editions include a foreword by Anthony Horowitz OBE, a James Bond continuation novelist, creator of Foyle’s War, and the Alex Rider young adult series, who said:

“By shining new light on Fleming’s role in intelligence, the people he met and the adventures he had with them, Mark Simmons brilliantly illuminates the hero who was his greatest creation.”

Translation rights are available.

The UK edition publishes on August 3rd, 2020. Pre-order here.

Deal News: ANATOMY OF A SPY to TANAPAEV in Estonia

We are delighted to announce that Estonian rights have been sold to publisher TANAPAEV, brokered by Andrew Nurnberg Baltic.

‘There are very few ex-intelligence officers who know their stuff better than Michael Smith. If you’re want to know why spies put their lives in danger, this is the book for you.’ (Andy McNab)

‘Definitely an essential handbook for the layman as well as the molehunter and counter-intelligence professional.’ (Nigel West)

“A wide-ranging survey of the reasons why people spy which mixes the familiar with the less well-known , corrects numerous myths and provides many new insights by a master intelligence expert.” (Andrew Lownie, author of Stalin’s Englishman)

TANAPAEV is one of the biggest publishers in Estonia and publish around 140 titles per year. They have also published PERMANENT RECORD by Edward Snowden.