Agency author Dr Sarah-Louise Miller recently appeared on an episode of the currently airing series of Channel 4’s My Grandparents War. Sarah travelled to Greenock in Scotland to film for the episode and was tasked with explaining to actress Keira Knightley what her grandmother’s Second World War service entailed. Keira’s grandmother, Jan, worked for the US Army’s 5th Port in the Transportation Division, and helped to organise and execute the movement of Allied troops for the D-Day invasion. The episode can be viewed on catch-up on All 4 here.

Keira Knightley & Sarh-Louise Miller
Keira Knightley & Sarh-Louise Miller

Mary Novakovich appeared on the True Travel Podcast and her book is now available worldwide.

Seth Thévoz was interviewed for The Chap Magazine, which is available in all good newsstands now or you can download the digital edition here.

The Chap magazine

He also joined Kate on the Betwixt the Sheets podcast to reveal the secret history behind some of London’s most famous members’ clubs, from 1693 to the present day.

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